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Sunbeam 1000 hp car, 1927.


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rn Sunbeam 1000 hp car, 1927. Policemen looking at one of the fastest cars of its time. Major Henry Segrave, winner of the 1923 French Grand Prix, became a serious challenger to Malcolm Campbell's established records. Segrave took the giant Sunbeam to Daytona Beach, Florida because it offered hard sand and a nine-mile course. The power unit was two V12, 435 hp, 48 valve Matabele aero-engines with chain drive to the wheels. On 29th March 1927 on the car's first run a speed of 200 mph was reached for the first time, but the car had to be driven into the sea to slow down. On the return run with new brakes, a record speed of 203.793 mph (327.973 kph) was achieved. Sunbeam 1000 hp car, 1927.