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Malcolm Campbell.


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rn Malcolm Campbell. In 1924, in a 'Bluebird', Campbell took his first official international land speed record of 146.16 miles per hour at Pendine Sands, Wales. In 1925 back at Pendine he beat this record with a speed of 150.766 mph becoming the first driver to exceed 150 mph. In 1932, he became the first man to exceed 250 mph with a 253.97 mph. In 1935 he became the first man to better 300 mph at 301.13 mph. He took the world water speed record in 1937 with a speed of 129.5 mph. He beat this in 1938 with a speed of 130.93 mph and this in turn was beaten at Coniston Water on 19th August 1939, achieving a speed of 141.74 mph, a record that was still his when he died in 1948. Malcolm Campbell.