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Craig Breedlove.


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Craig Breedlove. Five time World Land Speed Record holder. He started out as a technician in structural engineering. In 1959 he bought a military surplus J47 jet engine, with an aim to design and create his first three-wheel ‘Spirit of America’ land speed record vehicle. In July of 1963 at Bonneville, Utah, he set a new, two-way official speed record of 407 mph, to become the first ever to average over 400 mph. In 1965 he went through 500 mph, with another new record of 526 mph. Breedlove then began to build a new Spirit of America, ‘Sonic I’ . In 1965 Breedlove became the first man to drive through 600 mph, with a new World Land Speed Record of 600.601 mph.