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A 1906 Renault 14/20hp XB.


Ref: hi-mpl.340001353


A 1906 Renault 14/20hp XB. This example was built for King Edward VII. Following his death in 1910, it was used by Queen Alexandra and subsequently by King George V. The bodywork was constructed by Hooper & Co Ltd. Conservation work, involving careful cleaning and application of a special reversible varnish to the paintwork, has preserved the patina. With permission from the Royal Mews, the car retains its original Royal Claret livery. New for 1904, the 14hp model with radiator behind the engine and often luxurious coachwork, was developed from a racing Renault. Established in 1899, the SociÚtÚ Renault FrÚres employed 600 workers within four years. From 1901, Renault chassis were imported into Great Britain. A 1906 Renault 14/20hp XB.